Courses and Registration


A student shall be required to carry a minimum workload of 1 2 credits per semester and a maximum of 18. Under special cir­cumstances, a student may, with the approval of the head of the college, be allowed to carry a workload outside these lim­its.


For a student to obtain credit in any course, he or she must be admitted into the college, and must be properly registered for that course during the official registration period at the be­ginning of each semester. Each student shall have academic advisors for consultation on courses.

2.2.2. A fine shall be imposed on any student who fails to register at the time designated for registration by the college, i.e during the first 7 days of the commencement of the semester.

2.2.3. A student who fails to register in the first 21 days of com­mencement of the semester shall forfeit his/her right for the semester.

2.2.4. No student shall be permitted to register by proxy.