Licensure Examinations and Requirements

3.7.2 Every student, after completion of the programme of study, shall be required to take a professional licensure examination conducted by the Nurses and Midwives’ Council for Ghana.

3.7.3 In all cases, the Head of institution must certify that the candidate has satisfied the required theoretical and practical requirements for the particular licensure examination he/she wishes to take.


4.2 The registration for an institutional examination shall require the endorsement of the Registration List by the Head of the insti­tution to the effect that the candidate has pursued satisfactorily the approved course(s) of study in each subject being offered for a prescribed period. A candidate’s registration shall not be valid unless it is so endorsed.

4.3 Endorsement as in (4.1) above shall be withheld if a candi­date is not deemed to have followed satisfactorily the approved course of study (as in section 3.6)

4.4 In the seventh week of every Semester, Institutions shall pub­lish for verification by students Lists of registered students for particular courses. The published List shall be deemed as con­stituting the final registration for the end of Semester examina­tions. This means that by the end of the seventh week, students whose names do not appear on the published course list shall not be allowed into the end of semester examination for that particular course. Similarly, students who are duly registered for a course but who fail to take the end-of -semester examination / for that course shall be awarded a grade X for that particular course.