2.3 Duration of the Diploma Programme

The following shall be the minimum and maximum periods for the completion of the programme, 6 Semesters (minimum) or 1 2 Semesters (maximum). These minimum and maximum peri­ods are calculated from the date of the first registration.

2.4 Interruption of Study Programme

2.4.1 A student may interrupt his/her study programme but may not break for more than 4 continuous semesters.

2.4.2 A student who wishes to interrupt his/her study programme shall apply in advance to the Head of School stating reasons why he/she wants to interrupt the study programme. And per­mission should be duly granted before he/she leaves the insti­tution. The decision of the institution shall be communicated to the applicant by the Head of the Institution. The Head, in giving approval, may consult with the college management.

2.4.3 A student who interrupts his/her studies for more than 4 continuous semesters shall be deemed to have lost any accu­mulated credits; such a student may be allowed to re-apply for admission into the programme.

2.4.4 A student who is unable to complete his/her study pro­gramme even within the maximum period allowed shall lose all credits accumulated. Such a student may be allowed