The college has a library stocked with various books needed for the training of a competent nurse/midwife.

The library shall be opened during and after school sessions. The control of the library is by trained library assistants who are on duty from Monday to Saturday. Reference books shall be borrowed over night at the time when the library is breaking from the day’s activity at 7:00 pm.

The borrowed book should be returned by 8:00am the following morning; failure to meet these conditions shall be liable to a tine or a loss of right to borrow from the library or both.


1. When a student fails to return a borrowed library book(s) at the right time, it will attract a penalty as agreed on by manage­ment.

2. When a student loses borrowed library book(s) the student will replace the book by buying a new one or pay for it in addition to the payment of a penalty.

3. Do not use your mobile phones. They are not to be used in the library.


1. Overdue library books = GH0 0.50p per day

2. Lost book = Pay double the price of the book plus the number of days overdue penalty.

3. When a student uses her/his phone in the library = seizure of the phone till end of the semester.