Students Affair


The college has a Computer Laboratory equipped with personal computers (PCs) that are hooked onto the internet. Students use the laboratory for computing classes


The college is both residential and day due to its limited accom­modation. In order to forestall fire outbreaks, cooking in students’ room is forbidden.


ll students belong to the Ghana Nurses and Midwives Trainee As­sociation (GNMTA), a national association. All students are encour­aged to participate in these activities:

Pentecostal Students Union (PENSA)

Methodist Students Union (GAMSU)

Presbyterian Students Union (NUPSG)

Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)

Catholic Students Union (PAX-ROMANA)

Lighthouse Students Union

Anglican Students Union


Life on the campus provides opportunities for students to promote their physical condition through such competitive and recreational games as football, volleyball, table tennis, draughts and scrabbles. Sports—Interschool, football athletics, volleyball, table tennis and netball competitions.


The Metropolitan Hospital which is very close to the college provides health services to students who have health problems. Students pay for services rendered and those who have NHIS are covered by the scheme.

Students are supposed to report to the class nurse and the tutor in charge of health and to write their names in the sick report book before and after reporting to the hospital. Students are also expected to show their prescribed drugs to the home-nurse or the tutor in charge. In her absence students must report to the house keeper.


Students are to avail themselves of counselling services provided by the tutor scheduled for this assignment


Morning devotions are held every weekday from 7:00am to 7:1 5am; Sunday Church Service is held from 4:00pm — 6:00pm. These ser­vices are compulsory for all student nurses/midwives.


No visitors are allowed in the cubicles or rooms of students. In­fringement of this rule has resulted in thefts and misconduct on the part of visitors. Visitors may call on Saturday or Sunday between 4:00pm and 5:00pm to allow students to study. Visitors are to be entertained in the common room. Gates to the college are locked aH 0:00pm.


The college kitchen provides three meals a day for the students. I hese meals, prepared under the supervision of domestic wardens, are served in the college dining hall. Food items should not be kept in the hostel.


» Cubicles should be kept clean and tidy all the time. No per­ishable food should be kept in the cubicles as this attracts ver­min. All litter should be put in the bin provided. NO rubbish should be put on the corridors.

» No cooking should be done in the dormitories.

» Food items found in any of the dormitories will be confis­cated and used by the kitchen to prepare meals for the whole school.

» Lights in the dormitories should be put off when not in use. Candlelight and stoves are forbidden in the dormitories. Over­head electric lights when connected for ironing are danger­ous and can cause fireWVll lights in the dormitories should be off by 1 0:00pm,


Reasonable silence should be maintained in the dormitories since noise disturbs students who may be studying or sleeping after night duty. Transistors or tape recorders must be operated at minimum audibility.


Flowers should not be picked at random on the compound. The surroundings of the houses must be kept clean and tidy all the time. Empty containers, waste paper, waste food or any other rubbish should not be thrown into gutters or on the compound. Students should not walk on the green grass. Tutors office,should be kept clean early on daily basis.


Students are to use the common room for entertaining their visi­tors and for indoor games. Religious meeting- can be held in the common room. Noise made in the common room should be such that students resting in their dormitories are not disturbed. Students should keep the common room clean and tidy at all times.


Students should report to work on time and to the officer in charge of the ward. Students should be polite to hospital staff, patients, relatives of patients and visitors to the hospital.


They will be appointed yearly by the students. The nominees should have the approval of the authorities of the school. Various respon­sibilities will be ascribed for each appointment.

1.Head Prefect Entertainment Prefect

Assistant Prefect Assistant Entertainment Prefect

Library Prefect Dining Hall Prefect

Sanitary Prefect Assistant Dining Hall Prefect Assistant Sanitary Prefect


A report on lost articles including money should be made to the Senior Housekeeper and then to the Principal of the school for nec­essary and early action to be taken to retrieve such lost articles.


Insolence or insubordination on the part of any student shall not be tolerated. Students must follow instructions given to them by their supervisors. Students are expected to be in uniform for all classes. They should (Misure that the classrooms are tidy.

Classes commence at 7:30am and end at 2:00pm prior to the commencement of the day’s lectures, an opening praying service should be held. Students should not leave the class before 2:00pm unless they have been instructed to do so. Students have 30 minutes break 1 1:30am to I2:00noon to attend to other needs. Permission will be granted to a student to get out of the classroom when classes are in session based on the discretion of the tutor in the class and upon the merits of the request made.


Students should make every effort to keep the demonstration room very clean at all times. All articles and equipment should be kept at their appropriate places. The Golden Rule should be your guide: a place for everything at its proper place.


Representative groups shall elect representatives to various commit­tees. Two students from each group shall constitute a committee. The committee shall have a leader and a secretary and will co-opt the tutor responsible for the said committee.

STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL (SRC) The SRC plays a substantial role in the life of the students. It is the liaison between the student- body and the college authorities. It provides a platform for students to discuss their welfare and ad­dress their problems where possible. When the problems cannot be solved they are passed on for the attention of the college authori­ties.


The prescribed school shoes should be full black or brown with rubber soles.

Students’ hair should not touch the uniform collar.

Uniform must be 2 inches below the knees.

Uniform includes belts which should be worn on the waist for females.

Weave- on must not be worn.

Hair bands must be black and small. Hair slides or un-prescribed bands will be seized on sight.

i) Fighting

a) Provocation of any kind will lead to warning or suspension for 7 days depending on the seriousness of the case

b) Actual fighting — the provoked will get a warning letter and / or one week suspension. The provoker will get two weeks sus­pension and / or termination of the course.

c) Causing injury—demotion and / or termination.

ii) Stealing

Refund of article/termination depending on the seriousness of the case.

iii) In-Subordination

a) Flouting of authority—warning and / or one week suspen­sion.

b) Students rudeness to staff—warning and / or two weeks sus­pension.

c) Students rudeness to clinicians—warning and / or two weeks suspension.

iv) Absenteeism

a) Students’ absenteeism from lectures/clinical practice without any tangible reason — warning and / or forfeiture of day off/ dismissal.

b) Persistent lateness to lectures/clinical practice-warning/de- ferment of course/termination.

c) Maligning—suspension/termination of course.

d) Lateness to lectures/clinical practice-same as above.

v) Criminal Abortion

a) Both student and operator will be reported to the police.

b) If a female student becomes pregnant she would be made to continue schooling from where she left off after delivery.

v/Vi) Persistent flouting of college rules—dismissal

vii) Cruelty to patients/negligence in the care of patients— dismissal

viii) Trading/selling Trading and selling is prohibited in the college. Any student caught selling or trading will be sanctioned:

a) Confiscation of articles and or 2 weeks suspension

b) Dismissal from the college

Any student who contravenes this regulation will have the phone confiscated.